Getting Your 90 Hours of Lactation Education

Regardless of the Pathway you choose to get to the IBLCE Exam, you must complete 90 hours of lactation-specific education. The IBLCE does not dictate what this education must cover but, if you want to be able to pass the exam and competently assist breastfeeding dyads as an IBCLC, then you will want to make sure your education covers everything on the IBLCE Exam Detailed Content Outline and the Core Competencies for the Practice of IBCLCs.

Although we have several options for your 90 hour program, we believe the very best way to prepare is with a course that includes a live component. Live courses offer the very best learning environment for the vast majority of learners. There is no way to duplicate the live learning environment, including interactions with the instructor and other students, topic flexibility, visual aids, class discussions, and hands-on training. For these reasons, we recommend our Live Comprehensive Lactation Course as your very best option.

However, if you cannot travel, we can still help. Our 90-Hour Lactation Consultant Core Concepts Program is all online and covers the entire exam detailed content outline.

Also, completion of any of our 90-hour programs make you eligible to earn your Certified Clinical Lactationistâ„¢ credential!

And if you already have 45 or more of your 90 hours, you can use our online Step Up to IBCLC Program to complete your lactation hour.

Live 90-Hour Course

Online 90-Hour Course

I already have some of my hours