Recertifing by Exam

Committed to helping you pass the exam; the first time, and every time.

Recertifying by exam can be daunting, but we can help. Let Marie outline what you need to study with our Free Exam Study Plan and then you can determine the amount of study help you want.

Our Lactation Exam Reviews, both live and online, provide the most information and guidance while our Do-it-Yourself Programs provide the tools for more independent study.

Regardless of how you prepare, you will want to include Practice Exams and Drills in your regimen. Studies have shown that those that take practice exams do better on the real thing. Our Practice Exams are designed to mimic the real exam so you can determine how well you are prepared. In addition, you get a computerized, printed report telling you how you did in each of the exam's disciplines and chronological areas so you know exactly where to focus your exam study resources. Topical Drills are perfect for getting in-depth in particular disciplines in which you struggle or lack confidence. With 40 questions on each topic, they will ensure you know your stuff on exam day.

If you are unsure or have questions, please call us at 703-787-9894 or email us at for personalized assistance from our trained staff. We are committed to helping you pass the exam; the first time, and every time.

Free Resources

Marie's FREE 8-Week (or less!) Exam Study Plan

Study with Structure! This plan is the backbone of Marie's Online Lactation Exam Review but you can use it on your own with your own materials.

FREE FIve Keys to Passing the IBLCE Exam Webinar

Find out the five most important keys to passing the IBLCE exam.

FREE Practice Lactation Exam Demo

Just 7 questions but a great way to decide if our practice exams are for you and to get a feel for the type of questions you will see on the IBLCE exam.

FREE Marie's Outlook (Blog)

Mare has written many blogs on how to take the exam, what to expect, how to study, and how to do your very best when under the stress of the exam. Subscribe so you never miss an update.

Lactation Exam Reviews (live and online) and Picture Perfect Seminar

Live Lactation Exam Review Course

Learn LIVE with Marie! This course includes a mock exam with computerized analysis of your exam strengths and weaknesses.

Live Picture Perfect Seminar

Learn to analyze the images on the exam. Gain the confidence you need to pass!

Online Lactation Exam Review

All online review course. Get Marie's help without the travel.

Do-It-Yourself Study Tools

Do-it-Yourself Exam Study Packages

Study with Marie from home. Options for every budget.

Lactation Flashcard App

The first and only lactation flashcard app! Knowing your vocabulary is half the battle. Use this app while commuting, standing in lines at the store, or anytime you have a minute to spare.

Test-Taking Strategies

Marie's popular guide to the IBLCE exam. Everyone taking the IBLCE exam should read this book. Don't go unprepared!

Practice Exams & Topical Drills

Practice Lactation Exams

Don't wait until the last minute to take a practice exam. Instead, take them early and learn what areas in which to focus your studies.

Topical 40-Question Drills

With 40 questions on each subject, these electronic drills will make sure you have all your bases covered!